Simona Colaizzi

Project Coordinator

Graduating student in Resource Economics and Sustainable Developed, she participated at EuroEnviro 2016 and 2015, she increasingly commit to be part this great event because she believes that feeling to be part of a big movement is a fundamental step to reach a sustainable future.


Giacomo Bariani
Vice-Project Coordinator

Graduating student in Resource Economics and Sustainable Development, he partecipated at EuroEnviro 16, his principle aim is to recreate the incredible positive energy he felt the past year in Copenghen hoping to begin a sustainable green pursuit that hopefully will be followed by more people and firms as possible.


Lisa Bonetti
Academic Team

Lisa has a bachelor degree in Biotechnology and now studies Resource Economics and Sustainable Development at university of Bologna. She believes that western society needs to change the way it thinks to profit, paying more attention to the possible dangerous consequences of business activities. In particular she is interested in the development of renewable energies. She believes that now it’s the time move towards a sustainable future and she wants to be one of the actors of this change. That’s why she looks forward to take part for the first time to EuroEnviro this year.


Federico Pinato
Academic Team

Federico currently studies Resource Economics and Sustainable Development in Rimini and he is part of the Academic Team. He loves the nature: this is the reason why he has a passion for sustainability and for sports, in particular those which are practised in natural places, such as climbing or canoeing. He thinks that participating in Euroenviro 2017 is a great opportunity because young people with different backgrounds can have different perspectives on the same problem and thus come up with creative solutions.


Pietro Di Girolamo
Social Media Team

Pietro currently studies Resource Economics in Sustainable Development at Unibo university. He is really excited about being part of EuroEnviro for the first time. Pietro thinks that this experience can give to him a chance to meet people of diverse backgrounds and gain more knowledge in the sustainable field.




Batu Atman
Funding team

Batu comes from Turkey where he studied Economics. He has a passion for wildlife conservation and sustainability. He is really excited about taking part in EuroEnviro 2017.  And with this organization, he hopes to meet people from different backgrounds, and wants share ideas about environmental issues with them.




Paolo Pizzasegola
Logistics team member

Paolo is currently attending a master course in Resource Economics and Sustainable Development at University of Bologna. He is a travel addict with a strong passion for anthropology and sustainability; He especially aims to find innovative methods and sustainable solutions to the threats facing the pristine environment of today’s developing countries. Paolo sees EuroEnviro as a great chance to sensitize people to these issues in order to built a better future altogether.


Ilaria Balletto
Funding Team

Ilaria is currently a student of the Resource Economics and Sustainable Development Master program in Rimini. Her engagement in nature conservation and green economy is inspired by her passion for the ocean. Diver since she was a child she could experience the effects of climate change and human activity from a different point of view: underwater. She strongly supports EuroEnviro because she believes that this planet needs our young generation to work together for the sustainability transition.


Sofia Iorio
Academic Program Team

Once she completed her Bachelor’s degree program in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs, Sofia decided to apply to Resource Economics and Sustainable Development Master degree to focus deeply on the risks and opportunities linked to the eco-innovation process, the future of the agricultural activities and the use of energy sources. Sofia expects EuroEnviro to be a great chance for all participating students to get more involved in sustainability problems and enjoy the time to be spent in Rimini!



Raffaele Moratto
Social Media Team

Former swimmer, current bungee jumper and active traveller. Recently come back from a two years life-experience in Australia, now studying his Master’s in Rimini. Raffaele has a strong interest in the concept of Sustainability and wants to expand his knowledge and skills on the areas of Economics and Renewable Energies. Embracing multiculturalism, he perceives EuroEnviro 2017 as a way to enchance collaboration between students coming from different countries, discover shared values, develop strong bonds.



Andrea Massimo Muraro
Academic Program Team

Andrea studies Resource Economic and Sustainable Development at Bologna University, Rimini campus, and is interested in sustainable tourism. 

His idea of tourism is to enhance territories rich of tourism potentiality, but which have also a special consideration for environmental, social and economic impact. He believes that this conference will be a great opportunity to meet students from other countries and work all together for a sustainable future.



Behailu Desibel
Logistics Team

Behaylu is a masters student in Resource Economics and Sustainable Development and has also studied Business Management. Behaylu’s interest lie in sustainable management and economic transitions towards sustainability.

Michelle Ceolin
Social Media team

After graduation in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs Michelle decided to focus on Sustainable Development because she retains it is the key of the future. She is a great supporter of human rights and environmental conservation and she wants to share these values in every place she goes. She retains EuroEnviro a brilliant opportunity to know more about sustainability and to compare other points of view.