The EuroEnviro student symposium was created in 1995 in Born, Germany. Originally known as BiB, Born-in-Born, it was later to be renamed EuroEnviro. The aim was to exchange opinions with other students on environmental sciences and ecopolitical issues. Over the years the focus has expanded from mainly environmental issues to also include social and economic sustainability. EuroEnviro has no lasting organisation behind it. It is a nonprofit event, dependant on the work of volunteers. At the end of each symposium, a new group of organisers is chosen from among  the attendees. This has led to a natural progression and variation of ideas, perspectives and themes – each symposium is unique, with little in common but a shared concept and an overarching focus on sustainability. The symposium has taken place in many countries throughout the European continent. Below you can see the brief history of EuroEnviro. It has been organized 20 times in 19 European countries since 1995. By clicking on the links you can also access and view final reports of the last five symposiums 20092014.

Hosts and themes 19952016:

2016 Copenhagen, Denmark: Building the Future

2015 Gothenburg, Sweden: Catalysts of Change

2014 Helsinki, Finland: Transforming Societies – Towards an Environmentally Sustainable Future

2012 Bratislava and Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia: Conservation is not Isolation

2011 Zagreb and Rijeka, Croatia: Biodiversity and Urbanism

2010 Graz and Vienna, Austria: Sustainable Lifestyle – Ideas for Mobility and Consumption

2009 Rostock, Greifswald and Berlin, Germany: Renewable Energies – Possibilities and Limits

2008 Soomaa National Park, Estonia: PAN Parks

2007 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia: Ecotourism – Discovering the Hidden Natural Treasures

2006 Geneva, Switzerland: Food: An Environmental Perspective

2005 Seville, Spain: Environmental Communication and Education

2004 Bucharest, Romania: Preserving Nature and Culture Through Tourism

2003 Paris, France: Eye to Eye on Sustainable Development

2002 Belgrade, Serbia: Sustainable Development – Considering the Environment During Socio-economic Transition

2001 Aberdeen, Scotland: Industry and Environment

2000 Moscow, Russia: Our Common European Heritage

1999 Évora, Portugal: Mediterranean Ecosystem

1998 Graz and Vienna, Austria: Water and Groundwater Ecology

1997 Zurich, Switzerland: European Freight Transport and Traffic

1996 Krakow, Poland: Human and its Environment

1995 Born, Germany: First Round: The National Park