The best way to PREDICT the FUTURE is to DESIGN IT!

Join us for the 1st entirely made in Italy EuroEnviro edition, held in Rimini!
A student symposium about sustainability.

EuroEnviro 2017

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Our goals

We believe in Green Economy, we believe in the commitment of young generations, we believe in our power of sharing and designing new creative ideas:

“Knowledge shared is power multiplied” (R. Noyce)

For these reasons we put efforts to build a high quality program structured in lectures and workshops linked to three central topics of territorial concern: Food Industry, Tourism and Waste Management.

The final goal of this 7-days symposium is getting an understanding of how different aspects of these problems relate to each other and developing pragmatic and innovative solutions.

About EuroEnviro

EuroEnviro is an international student symposium about sustainability. The event was held for the first time in 1995 in Born, Germany. It was created to support the local study program on nature protection. The inclusive symposium connects international students with diverse backgrounds to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences on social and ecological sustainability. Since then the EuroEnviro has been hosted in 21 different cities all over Europe and inspired a lot of students to start initiatives and take actions. Each year the EuroEnviro travels to a new city and is organized by local students.

Who are we?

We are a motivated team of International students with different backgrounds. Most of us are enrolled in the new Resource Economics and Sustainable Development Master degree that the University of Bologna launched in 2014 to train new generations of young minds to play a crucial role in the green transition of economy. We are all members of Erasmus Student Network of Rimini: an association that deals with incoming exchange students and aim to ease an enthusiastic stay in the city!

Who participates?

EuroEnviro2017 is open to 45 students coming from Universities all over the world including 5 students from the Rimini Campus. This is an exclusive event where candidates will be selected for their strong motivations. Evaluating the applications we will guarantee the balance between different nationalities, education and experience background and gender.


Why Italy?

Italy’s green economy is bigger than people think.
Despite the difficulties, since 2008 a large number of companies decided to go green or make green decisions. The Italian agribusiness is the one with the stronger structure of regulations in Europe enforced by the new “Made Green in Italy” program. Our country is currently facing major environmental issues but at the same time something is changing.
This is exactly why Italy is a breeding ground for challenging ideas and innovative projects: open opportunities in a high receptive field.


Why support us?

EuroEnviro is the perfect opportunity for companies to meet the young generation of students committed in the building process of a sustainable future. Our enthusiasm and engagement need the expertise and sustain of the leadership in the Italian Green Economy. Sponsoring EuroEnviro is taking part to the territorial changing movement for a better planet.


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