Join us for the 21st EuroEnviro held in Copenhagen in May 2016, a student symposium about urban sustainability. Start building the future. Now!

Building the future

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Our goals

The EuroEnviro team aims at creating a platform for students with interest in sustainability to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas while getting inspired to make a change. We will give the participants tools to build sustainable solutions through critical thinking and the awareness that every small action counts. Some of the events will be open for partners, sponsors and the public because we believe it is important to include all stakeholders to produce the desired solutions. The symposium will engage the participants in seven days of workshops and group work, where they will develop solutions to challenges of their choosing.


About EuroEnviro

EuroEnviro is an international student symposium about sustainability. The event was held for the first time in 1995 in Born, Germany. It was created to support the local study program on nature protection. The inclusive symposium connects international students with diverse backgrounds to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences on social and ecological sustainability. Since then the EuroEnviro has been hosted in 20 different cities all over Europe and inspired a lot of students to start initiatives and take actions. Each year the EuroEnviro travels to a new city and is organized by local students.


Who are we?

We are a team of international Bachelor and Master students from the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School involved in a wide variety of study programs. What connects us is our passion for sustainability and the belief that sustainable solutions are achievable through cooperation.


Who participates?

Participants of the EuroEnviro2016 will be international students from Universities all over Europe. A maximum of 60 students will gather, including 10 students from Denmark. We will make an effort to include a wide variety of study fields and nationalities. This will facilitate as many different insights and experiences as possible.


Why Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a great city and we are very proud to live in what we believe to be the capital of sustainable thinking. That is why we want to showcase all the great initiatives in Copenhagen to inspire students from all over Europe about what can be done in their home cities. We have the ambition to make EuroEnviro2016 the greatest event in the 21 year long history and Copenhagen has the potential to make it happen.


Why support us?

Being involved in the EuroEnviro will give you the unique opportunity to meet the people that will lead the future of sustainable thinking and development. You will have the chance to engage and discuss with these bright minds and get an insight into what their ideal futures look like. Contributing to EuroEnviro will strengthen your company’s involvement and connection to Copenhagen’s development as a leader in sustainability.




EuroEnviro 2016 is held under the proud patronage of:

Dickson Despommier, internationally renowned expert on vertical farming

Katherine Richardson, Leader of Sustainability Science Centre, University of Copenhagen

Sven Bislev, Vice Dean of Education, Copenhagen Business School | Letter of Endorsement